·Alfred deVarona (Bass/Vocals)  Bryan Maddox (Guitar/Vocals)  Pete Wadams (Drums/Vocals)·

     Since forming in 1997, XEX has carved a distinct path in the Northwest music scene by providing a supercharged live show, plus a unique combination of style and attitude.  XEX has released five CDs: four full length albums plus a tribute-EP (featuring five popular cover-tunes and two uniquely-released originals).  Characterized by the precise and immediate sound of a three-piece, XEX's music defies generic description, while displaying only the originality of an uncompromised musical vision.  The result is an eclectic blend of harmonic, melodic, and percussive characteristics which are forged into a fusion of progressive rock and aggressive metal.

    After playing literally hundreds of shows together, the members of XEX have evolved a belief in the art of 'putting on a show'.  Whether playing to an audience of one or one thousand, XEX puts everything they have into every note of every song. 

    As a three piece, XEX functions as a multifaceted musical ensemble, with all three members routinely trading lead vocals, often within the same song.  Guitar and Bass also trade traditional roles at times, while extended percussion, keyboards, and digital effects are also contributed by all three band members. 

    XEX has shared the stage with such touring acts as "Prong", "Death Angel", "Powerman 5000", "Floater", and "3 Inches of Blood". 

     Soon after it was formed, XEX began playing shows, even though they didn't have a steady rehearsal space. Bryan, Alf, and Pete immediately began networking with other musicians and gaining a reputation for professionalism and musicality. After five years of jamming a couple times a month, the band finally found a steady rehearsal space - decided it was time to get serious, and spent a weekend recording their first album.  

- "Vier" (2014) [self produced], is the musical-cumination of eight years of life since the near-death of drummer Pete Wadams, and reflects the musical-maturity that comes with over two-decades (and four full-length albums) of being in a band together. 
- "Triad" (2006) is the third full-length album, and the second self-produced - includes twelve tracks of progressive-metal that reflect "living".  It illustrates a comfortable relationship between "chops" and melody.  
- "Not For Resale EP" ( 2005) - XEX released their next metal offering,  their first completely self-produced project, included five cover songs (re-interpretations) of rock and country FM radio classics, plus two uniquely-released originals.
- "Mixed Signals" (2003)" was comleed one year later, when XEX was back in the studio recording it's second album - which includes a whopping 17 tracks in 65 minutes of music. The band put much more time and effort into this CD, which gave it more of a professional sound than it's predecessor. The tracks are much heavier and darker with some tongue-in-cheek humor scattered throughout.
- "Anything Goes" (2002), their first CD, boasted 11 tracks of XEX's earliest material. The CD was recorded in the style of a demo - only spending one weekend of recording and two days of mixing. Local sales of the CD exceeded expectations, and online sales included orders to Iceland, Germany, Denmark, and Spain.

    All five (4 albums + EP)  CDs have been well received by the local music scene, and continue selling well at local record stores, online, and live shows.  With excellent management, five CDs, and new material always in-the-works - XEX's momentum continues to build as they proceed to get their musical vision experienced by the universe.